Elite Detail
Interior & Exterior for the ultimate clean!
• Exterior wash and soft cloth dry
• Clay System to remove old wax, bugs, tar, and surface contaminants
• Clear coat polish for shine and to remove minor scratches
• Apply premium carnauba wax to protect clear coat
• Clean all windows (inside & outside), mirrors, and wash door jams
• Clean wheels, wheel wells, and chrome/chrome accents
• Apply dressing on tires, moldings, rails, and bumpers
• Vacuum interior and trunk compartment
• Hot water extraction for deep clean preparation of carpets, floor, mats, and seats
• Shampoo carpets, floor, floor mats, seats, and doors, then apply a fabric protectant
• Power wash rubber floor mats
• Complete interior clean: Vinyl, leather, center console, dash, doors/door panels, cup holders and steering wheel
• Blow out vents and clean all cracks and crevices
• Apply conditioner with UV protection to all plastic and vinyl
• Gently clean leather with a glycerin rich pH balanced product, then deep condition with premium Lexol conditioner

* PLEASE NOTE: In instances of extremely dirty, heavily soiled vehicles and/or dog hair may require additional time and additional charges may apply.
Compacts, Sedans.................$179.00
Vans, SUVs & Full Size Pickups.....$199.00
Large SUVs & Conversion Vans.....$229.00
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